Friday, September 28, 2007

Lockdowns And Being Prepared - Lessons Learned From The Karate Kid on Lockdown Preparedness

If you have got ever been in a "lockdown" you cognize that you are supposed to lock the door, close off the lights, continue to a distant topographic point of the room or business office and be quiet. We pattern shelter in topographic point and fire electric electric drills along with lock down drills routinely in the schools to set up you for "the existent deal". Cipher ever believes that you will ever have got to utilize the information used or lessons learned from the electric drills until something really happens.

Recently, I was involved in a lock down during an probe of a situation. I was very pleased that there had been cooperation so quickly. My comfortableness degree shifted however when the school started letting people in the edifice as they did not desire to go forth pupils who were belated outside. Along with the pupils however, other people were allowed to come in the building. Three people came knocking at my door which I had to turn away. A lockdown clearly states cipher in and cipher out.

The longer we stayed in lockdown the more than my anxiousness started to build. My head started wandering and I became a spot scared at the possibilities. World have put in of the force that bes in our human race each clip a news broadcast talks of a "situation" somewhere in the world. I heard all the conversations on the edifice walkie-talkie which added to the anxiety. I wondered if I was going to be called to assist out in any medical facet of hurt at any point in time. My observations of myself surprised me as I have got worked in critical attention units of measurement and injury states of affairs and I had been down the route of "adrenaline rushing" before.

Looking back I realized that in the film "The Karate Kid", the top advice Mr. Miyagi gave his pupil Daniel Larusso was "wax on…wax off…wax on…wax off". The repeats of his motions over and over again paid off in the end when he realized he could utilize them in his Martial fine art competition. He overcame his fearfulnesses and not only won the competition but beat out his rival.

So what did I larn from that lockdown?

The more than we pattern the lockdown the smoother things will run and the less things we will have got to "work out for adjacent time". Thus, we will be more than confident and self-assured. People stay calmer when they are prepared.

Here are a few tips to assist with being prepared during a lockdown:

· stay composure and seek not to panic

· return deep breaths to assist with increasing anxiety

· follow ways completely

· get people into your room immediately, lock the door and don't unfastened it for anyone until the all clear signaling is given

· have pre-identified "safety spots" to direct people who are not secured in the edifice or outside the building

· make not promote parents to come up to the school or telephone their children

· close the lights, stay quiet during the lock down and move into a corner of the room away from the door

· station lockdown marks on edifice doors

· support each other in remaining calm

The more than you pattern the clearer your encephalon nerve pathway will be for that peculiar state of affairs and at a certain point your head will desire to follow that path automatically. Keep an unfastened head and follow ways to wax off anxiousness and wax on peace and calm.

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