Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Living in a Flat

Few old age back when I moved into my ain flat, I thought that all my problems are over as a tenant. Of course, I got relieved from the problems of my landlord, who often infringed my privacy. One early morning time at about 5.30, I suddenly woke up with a banging sound at my roof. Since it was my first twenty-four hours I did not give much idea to it and simply ignored the sound and went on to kip again. The adjacent twenty-four hours I was forced to aftermath up on the same clip with the same sound. Now I was small spot disturbed. The sound started coming at the same clip every morning. It forced me to halt setting my dismay clock as I no longer required the same.

When I happened to ran into the individual from whose level the sound was coming, I asked him about the sound. He hesitated for a piece and told me that he used to set up tea every morning time at 5.30 AM. I oppress ginger to add spirit to my tea; after hearing this answer I did not cognize whether to curse word him for distressing my slumber in the morning time or to appreciate him for his accomplishment in tea preparation. Anyway now Iodine larn to dwell with that sound.

After a feverish twenty-four hours in business office whenever I travel to bed I used to acquire a screaming sound from the level adjacent to me. I thought that person dragging some heavy article on the floor. I was so funny about the sound I started assuming myself assorted grounds for the sound. Finally I came to a decision that my neighbor may be an sleepless person and seek to change his sleeping place by dragging his metallic element fingerstall to every corner of his level to acquire sleep. But unfortunately it looks that he is not getting his place right as yet, because the sound is maintain coming to me!

On hebdomad stops I love afternoon siesta. It gives me energy and freshness to get by up with the remainder of the day. So after lunch, whenever I take rest, the phone call bell rings. One twenty-four hours a messenger male child who supposed to present his pocket to my neighbor pressed my phone call bell. The other twenty-four hours few adolescent male children who wanted to carry on a study and asked me to save few proceedings with them. Some modern times children used to press the bell for getting contribution for their school. I could not understand why these people always come up at the odd hours.

I used to dry out up my clothing outside my balcony. After few hours when I went to take up my dried clothes, I completely surprised to see my clothing in wet condition. I could not understand ground for this. I thought it might have got rained small bit. Next twenty-four hours when I dry up my clothes, I looked above and astonied to see that the individual lives above my level probably not having a lavation machine dry his clothing without squeezing it. So the H2O dipping out from their clothing used to wet my dried clothes. Now I don't cognize whether to advice him to buy a lavation machine or petition them to squash their clothing properly.

Sweepers come up to our door every morning time to accumulate the garbage. But few occupants of our settlement without waiting for the sweepers to accumulate the garbage, they simply throw the refuse at the common areas. Isolated domestic dogs roaming around the settlement cognize the wont of our occupants and they promptly see to the common country and started picking up their nutrient articles from the bin. In that procedure they strew all the refuse on the floor. Residents never bothered to change their habit.

After the above experience I understand that even in your ain level you can not dwell peacefully. I have got also come up to a decision that most of the occupants who dwell in multistory flats don't cognize how to dwell in a flat.

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