Wednesday, October 3, 2007

All About the Northern California Landscape

Although they aren't too far apart, scientifically speaking, the characteristics seen in Northern Golden State can be human races apart. State Parks change their offerings, from breathless positions of Saddle Horse Shasta, in Shasta-Trinity National Forests, to the belowground wonderments of Metro Cave in Lassen National Park. Northern California's nature inevitably offers something for anyone.

Where in the human race can you happen ancient woods like those establish in the Redwood National Forests? It is a peaceful, yet completely awe inspiring experience to sit down amongst trees which as seedlings would have got witnessed the wonderments of Viking geographic expedition (had the Vikings made it past modern Minnesota) of the undiscovered state we would one twenty-four hours phone call the United States of America. These lush, old growing trees sit down in tongueless testimony of their nature of survival, having weathered through wars, plagues, and honestly, we can only think what else.

Furthering the dreamlike quality of the nature, are the lakes of Northern California. These vast, crystal clear lakes offering mirror like brooding positions of a azure blueness sky, and those within sight of the great mounts offering a brooding position of snowfall capped mountain peaks.

Breathtaking waterfalls abound in Northern California. Once you've heard the solid rushing of H2O as it falls over a hundred feet, you'll never bury that ataractic sound again. Best of all, with all the wonderments offered by Northern California, is the ability to not only visit, but remain within. Many of the great land sites offering retreats in the word form of recreational vehicle campsites. What could be better than to convey your recreational vehicle camping, and remain right IN the thick of the astonishing wonderments of Northern California? You have got all the comforts of home, within your RV, and all the wonderments offered by nature, literally outside your presence door. It do your recreational vehicle place go a perfect retreat from the world.

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